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Evaluation criteria

The independent Scientific Committee recommends only the best projects for funding

The Scientific Committee assesses how innovative, well thought-out and feasible the research projects and ideas are. It always focuses on the question of whether the research can provide important new insights into the prevention, development or treatment of cancer. In addition, the Scientific Committee ensures high scientific quality by assessing the originality and feasibility of the research - and recommending only the best for funding.

The criteria for high-quality cancer research:

  • Cancer relevance: Is the proposed research project or idea expected to contribute important new observations or knowledge on the causes, prevention, or treatment of cancer?
  • Originality or socioeconomic significance: Is the proposed research project original, innovative (basic, research projects), or of socioeconomic importance (clinical or epidemiologic projects)?
  • Choice of methodology: Have the most appropriate methods for realization of the project been chosen?
  • Feasibility: Is the project feasible in terms of finances, human resources, and organization?
  • Track record: What are the applicant’s (or the project group’s) previous research achievements?
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