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Monitoring and reviewing research activity is an essential part of our funding activities. It conveys valuable insight on the work in which we invest and enables assessment of the impact of the funded research. It also provides us and the network charities with information to underpin their communication, fundraising and health information activities.

Therefore, researchers are required to present their research progress in one or two reports, showing the extent to which they have used the funding and what insights have been won.

Progress reports at a glance

  • Scientific progress reports must be completed via the Grant Application Portal
  • Financial progress reports may be completed via the Grant Application Portal by downloading, completing and uploading the form below. Alternatively, we accept financial reports generated by your organization. Please send related receipts via e-mail or postal mail.
  • Please update your grant information in the portal as soon as publications arising from funding are published. Details on how to found in the related documents below.
  • It is vital that the funding organization and the grant number (Swiss Cancer Research foundation (KFS-XXX-MM-YYYY)) are mentioned in the funding or acknowledgement section of the publication.

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